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Did you know that up to 90% of issues in virtual meetings are not reported?

With morbit software our Microsoft Teams customers can simplify troubleshooting and proactively detect issues before users are impacted.

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Are you looking for ways to create a more sustainable and efficient workplace environment?

Make the right decision based on trustworthy real-time data from Nimway by Sony. Our sensors, made in United Kingdom, are easy to mount, deliver real-time data and have a 7-year battery life. Find out how Sony’s Nimway will help you save resources, time and make your workplace more attractive.

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To our Swedish followers: Hur ser framtidens arbete ut i Sverige? Vilken roll har kontoret, om vi ens har en?

Ta reda på det i detta webinar där Gertrud Birk från Sign In Workspace (formerly Pronestor) och Mattias Norman från Stratur diskuterar hybridarbete och kontorets roll i Sverige.

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Thank you Mette Finnemann for organizing such a great event!

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When Aktia bank moved to a new 4200 m2 HQ, they also decided to switch to an activity-based working (ABW) set-up.

Choosing a smart office solution is no easy task, but Aktia had the advantages of a clear features list and a trusted advisor.

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