Problems when booking meeting rooms with Outlook.

Who is Polarium?

Polarium, formerly known as Incell International, is a Swedish company dedicated to providing the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion technology.

They believe in a world of endless energy – a world where energy no longer comes from finite sources, where all energy is renewable, and the flow of energy never stops. They believe that this is within reach, but to get there they need great energy storage. And lots of it. Fast.

Polarium and Stratur met during 2018. Problems regarding meeting rooms and the bookings had increased, and a solution was needed to solve it.

To get a better understanding about the problems we sat down with Elaheh Aalinejad IT support at Polarium and asked a few questions about the problems and the implemented Room Booking Solution by Stratur.

How did you book the rooms and how was experience before the Stratur’s room booking screens?

We always had problems and were booking rooms via outlook. When arriving to booked room, somebody else had “taken” the room without asking.   

What was the biggest challenges before the room booking screens? 

When arriving to a room you thought you have booked, and the room is busy by somebody else you start to question if you booked the room correctly. It was very unprofessional when external guest were attending the meeting in person.

How did the room booking screens get received/ welcomed by the users? 

It was fantastic! Because its so easy to use and solved the misunderstandings on who had booked a room, it got welcomed well.

How was the installation process? 

It was very fast! We talked directly with Stratur and booked a date with technician. All 9 room displays were installed within a day. Installation was planned outside office hours to not intervene with the daily meetings and work.  

Overall comment:

We are very happy with this solution and we are continuously adding more room booking screens as we grow in number of meeting rooms. 

One useful option we activated is to let the users book the room directly on screen. This feature shortens the booking time for the users when spontaneous meetings occurs. 

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