Basefarm AB with 100 employees and a growing number of complaints


Hard to book meeting rooms ad-hoc. Growing number of complaints about not having enough available meeting rooms, and people not showing up to their own booked meetings.


In the first phase, Stratur installed 5 Meeting Room Touch Screens with LED frames. These screens can be fully customized and Basefarm can also use the same screens for error reporting. After a few months of use Basefarm could see the difference with the no-show problem solved and they recently added 8 more Meeting Room Touch Screens.

We saw immediate improvements only weeks after the first installation. Now some months later with the project completed, we have full control over our 13 bookable meeting rooms. The system is both flexible and reliable, extremely easy to use and the statistics that we can pull have been very helpful. The whole ride was exceptionally smooth thanks to a very close working relationship with Stratur.

Stefan Lindblom – Head of Internal IT Basefarm AB

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